Post-Doctoral Positions

We have open Post-Doctoral positions in our laboratory in a wide set of projects. Fellowships are available from FAPESP and CAPES evaluated on a project-by-project basis.

The FAPESP Post-Doctoral fellowship current value is R$8.479,20 (approximate PPP ~US$ 3390 tax free) and includes and additional value to support travel and settlement  expenses for researchers from all around the world. The updated values of FAPESP fellowships are available here.

PhD/Master Program

The UNICAMP Computer Science PhD/master program is evaluated among the top 7 Brazilian programs by CAPES (government agency that evaluates graduate programs). We received several prizes in the last years.

Our program has two openings per year. Registrations in May to start in August, and in October to start in March of the next year.

We have fellowships from government agencies like FAPESP, CNPq and CAPES and also some companies support. Fellowships are granted based on student and project evaluation.

FAPESP fellowships currently have values up to R$4.285,50 (approximate PPP ~US$ 1700 tax free). The updated values of FAPESP fellowships are available here.

Undergraduate Research

We have several opportunities for undergraduate students to start their research activities in our laboratory. Most of the projects are tied to a master or PhD project so that the student has the opportunity to get in contact with a more advanced research activity to foster his/her career.

More information

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